Spiritual You™

Spiritual & Life Mentorship

Do you want to live a meaningful life? Are you looking for direction?
Perhaps you feel professionally, spiritually or personally stuck or unsure…
Would you like empowered connection and positive change that has you falling in love with yourself and the wonder of life?

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Individual Sessions

Individual spiritual guidance and counselling for when…
… you are looking for direction
… you need spiritual guidance or support
… you feel stuck or uncertain
… you want clarity
… you want more life meaning
… you want to know yourself better
… you want to enhance creative flow
… you are ready to make life change
… your faith needs a boost
… you would like to deepen your relationship with God

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‘Who is that walking out of the wilderness on the arm of the Beloved?’
Song of Solomon 8:5

Workshops to enhance your relationship with the Beloved, and to bring your will in alignment with the highest values available to you through that relationship so that you may live joyfully fulfilled.

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Meeting the Beloved