NEW MOON ~ Soul Light Magic

Today is a new moon, the beginning of a new cycle, not yet begun, but finished. Change. 

Of course, all things change. We’ve all heard, change is the only constant of life. And how rich to notice the changing seasons, the cycles spinning, ending, beginning, returning again and again and again – only different.

The energy that is the force behind the momentum, and the momentum itself never remains the same. It too alters. So this new moon is unlike any previous or future one. The absence of our lunar orb in the night’s sky gifts us with new possibilities, options, energies and new opportunities. 

Today we plant the seeds. Today we spring clean. Today, we take out the rubbish, place the lid upon the can and turn away towards the new. We set intentions. And we consciously feel into the change that we desire. And we build the emotion of that feeling up and up and we release it into the splendour of the vibrating cycle of return. 

The new moon. 

It’s dark out there. 

You won’t see a path to guide you. There will be no celestial light to shine the way.


Today it is dark. 

And in this darkness, we sit. We rest. We ruminate. We move inward and we come to listen to our self. We connect with our spirit. We commune with the Great Spirit, with God. We let our guides and loved ones beyond the veil hold us and nurture us in our reflection.


And we find in this stillness, in this interiority, a light akin to the lunar body. For that light is ever with us, always, born of the stars, before even the moon came to being.

Come to know that light. Come to know your light. 

What does that mean? 

Sometimes we see it. Sometimes we feel it. Sometimes we hear it or simply, we know it. 

For me, it appears as a column of pure, crystal white light, holding the spectrum of all colours and more. It moves and it pulses and it’s true in its essence. It holds the memory of all memory. It knows who you are and where you came from and why you are here, and it calls you to remember. And it radiates your truth through every fibre of your being, connected as it is to your soul, and all souls.


It doesn’t matter that you might not see it. It only matters that you trust it.

There is a brilliant, shining light within you, timeless in its essence, and it is speaking to you always – not just when you are quiet or meditating or listening, but always. It is begging you to listen. 


Because it is the light of Light. And it is destined to shine in the dark. By its very nature, it illuminates the way, it uplifts the field within and outside of you. It harmonises with all living matter and it makes the navigating of your world aligned with that harmony. It’s natural state is to flow with the currents and cycles of the natural world. 

And in this way, less hardship. In this way, more joy. 


Today, under cover of the new moon, in the energies of the returning cycle, take a moment to connect with that inner light, and speak to it – speak to your soul – let it know you care; let it know that you are making a commitment, right here and now, to listen, to take heed… 

What is best for me? What foods, what people, what environments, what activities, what thoughts, what work, what relationships, what media, what habits… 

And under the promise of the new moon, lovingly, adoringly, promise yourself kindness… and set in motion the intention to change one thing…. 

Let your light guide you to what that might be…

Say it out loud. Perhaps, write it down…

Something the light of your soul sings out to nurture your wellbeing with… 

And give it up to the new moon… speak it out, clap your hands, send it as a prayer… however it seems appropriate…

And do it with feeling… Do it with love…

And then give thanks…

Be grateful for the change that you imagine is already here… And see, think and feel it here…

And smile. Be joyful.


If that which you desire resonates with the light of your soul, so too, it will come.

Yes it will.

Happy New Moon Friends.

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