About Karolyne


Karolyne speaks into the stages of your spiritual journey. She ministers to the psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual healing properties that you have experienced from the early stages of your spiritual discernment to your maturation in living your spiritual being. Through this ministry and mentorship you come to understand and free yourself to live a rich and joyful life. 

Karolyne has encountered diverse understandings of spirituality. From her childhood roots in Christianity through Buddhist and Celtic traditions, she adopts an inclusive approach to spiritual practice and unfoldment, seeing clients of Christian faith, other faiths and none.

With a background in psychology studies, counselling and trauma therapy and research, Karolyne combines her professional experience with the insights, power and healing of Holy Spirit Giftings and the supernatural to attend to your spiritual needs.* 

In 2019, Karolyne answered the call for a vocation in consecrated life.

Karolyne enjoys a contemplative life supported by the Orthodox desert tradition and church, with Episcopal spiritual direction. She is further enriched by her faith, family, friendships, students and clients, writing, reading, nature, the feminine aspect of the Spirit, good vegan food, and meeting folk who are seeking and embracing the Divine’s Grace in their lives.

Karolyne’s life is a testament to trust in God’s plan for us, and an example of the richness of being in relationship with the Beloved. Her great prayer is that all folk come to live a life full and meaningful for themselves in relationship with the Divine.

If you are ready ‘to be strong and take heart’ then now is the time to make change; to partake of the life-changing healing and spiritual unfoldment, and open to what the Divine has planned for you.

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*See here for qualifications