Karolyne is a psycho-spiritual mentor, writer and healing practitioner. She is trained in a number of healing modalities, including hypnosis and Transformational Regression Therapy offering past-life regression and inner child work. With degrees in counselling and a PhD in mindbody approaches to trauma, Karolyne brings this background, and over 20 years meditation and spiritual practice in Australia and Scotland, to her time with you. Karolyne’s wanderings in spiritual and soul unfoldment have led her to and through the spaces and places of South East Asia, India, China and Nepal, with Buddhist, Hindu and Christian teachers, and with the Western Mystery and Celtic traditions. She is highly intuitive, and draws on the wealth of her experience to meet each person seeking spiritual and personal growth and increased wellbeing.

Today, Karolyne primarily works with individuals interested in heeding the call of their soul; those rare people who take it upon themselves to explore and amplify their unique gifts, talents and potential while deepening their connection with God and Spirit. In this, Karolyne guides you to hold yourself as you come to wholeness, remember connection, activate and practice moments of soul encounters, as you can come to be who you came to be!

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