Karolyne is a spiritual mentor, writer and therapeutic practitioner. She is trained in the modalities of hypnosis and Transformational Regression Therapy offering life change and inner child work. With degrees in counselling and a PhD in therapy approaches to childhood trauma, Karolyne brings this background, her giftings, and over 20 years meditation and spiritual practice in Australia and Scotland, to her time with you.

Karolyne has encountered diverse understandings of spirituality and adopts an inclusive approach to spiritual practice and unfoldment. Her own path began in childhood with Bible School studies and church attendance, but with no given faith pathway, she moved into long stints of identity formation. During her 20s and 30s, Karolyne traversed the areas of psychology, Jungian depth analysis, Buddhism in South East Asia, India, China and Nepal, and the Western Mystery and Celtic traditions in Britain.

By the time Karolyne came to her fourth decade, she had a wealth of academic, professional and philosophical experience, and her early walk with Christianity was long forgotten. Karolyne didn’t believe in God, pray or know Jesus. However, at the age of 41, all of this changed in one single life altering event. On the eve of November 30th, 2009, Karolyne was blessed by the visitation and heart-opening Love of angelic presence. In the morning when she awoke, the room remained the same, but all else had changed. She knew ‘beyond all science knowing’ that we are born into life so that we may come Home to God. Soon after this experience Karolyne was brought to Jesus and spent the next decade cultivating her spiritual relationship with Christ, sitting in accompaniment with lay and religious, including Dominican Sisters in Adelaide, and Franciscan and Episcopalian priests in Edinburgh. 

In her 50th year, Karolyne came full circle back to Christianity. Now, as an adult educated in the world’s spiritual and philosophical pathways, stepping out in her faith and truth in God and Christ, she is more able to meet the seeker wherever they are on their spiritual journey. With a penchant for the academic and contemplative, as well as the giftings of the Holy Spirit, Karolyne’s spiritual ministry, counselling and mentorship is influenced by the Christian mystics, including Catherine of Siena, Hildegard of Bingen, St Teresa of Avila and St John of the Cross, as well as her more contemporary Christian heroes of Thomas Merton, John O’Donohue and Fr Thomas Keating.

Karolyne is passionate about helping women lean into and unfold their spiritual awakening. To this end, she offers her wealth of professional, personal and spiritual experience to meet each woman seeking spiritual transformation.

Today, Karolyne primarily works with individual people interested in heeding the call of their soul; those rare ones who take it upon themselves to explore and amplify their gifts, talents and potential while deepening their spirituality. In this, Karolyne mentors you in the art of living free in Self and the Other. 

To enquire about Karolyne’s Spiritual You personalised mentorship programme, email today.