What is Energy?

Energy. The quanta that is unquantifiable.

Energy is that which is. It permeates all. Not singular. Not multiple. Not divisible. It is that which is. The essence of all matter and non-matter.

‘Energy’ is but a word, a symbol, a representation of the life-force, of the patterns and the generations, of the generator and all that is within space and within non-space.

Energy is that which you emit. It is that which you exert. It is that which you have within your cellular body. It is that which is permeable and that which is ever changing; that which continues to be and build and reign throughout the known universe and the non-known universe.

Energy is all.

Energy Patterns

And energy makes patterns. And yet the patterning belongs to else. Patterns belong to cause and effect. The patterning of energy belongs to effort, to emotion, to commonplace particles that are united in a dance for the purpose of integration, and for a period of time, existing as they will only in the dance for as long as is necessary until their time is ended. And that may come naturally or it may come through the intervention of a healing practitioner.

All patterns of energy serve a purpose. They are emitted during episodes of heightened states. They come together and coalesce for a reason. That reason is often unknown, but still they come for a reason.

The intention behind them may not be one that is familiar, even one that is understood, and yet the pattern of energy dances in formation for a reason. The way to understanding and resolving the energy patterns that present as illness, dis-ease, behavioural habits, repetitive thoughts, etheric discordances and so on, is to feel into and locate the source of the pattern.

In healing that is what Karolyne does – she asks the space, asks the energy. She enters the dance of the pattern to determine what the reason for it is, and with subsequent understanding, she is able to help you transform the energy of the pattern that no longer serves you.

Energy Management

Energy management refers to the ways you care for the energetic structure of your etheric and physical self. When energy is not managed or is adversely affected, we can often become tired, restless, unwell, with dis-ease, experience overwhelm and often find it difficult to attract people and situations that serve our wellbeing.

Energy management or energy care happens when we tend to our needs. There are many ways we can do this, including:

  • Getting enough sleep
  • Keeping hydrated
  • Eating the right foods for you
  • Reducing or avoiding excess alcohol, caffeine, nicotine and narcotics intake
  • Noticing what environments, people and situations enrich you and which tire or detract from you – changing to suit
  • Having creative endeavours
  • Quiet time
  • Meditation
  • Yoga and Qigong
  • Walking
  • Etheric body energy clearing – through smudging, intention, help from spirit guides
  • Energy healing
  • Asking for Spirit Guides to help with healing
  • Grounding through the earth either in imagination or in the garden
  • Talking about any energy imbalance concerns you may have

When we manage our energy accordingly, we find we have greater access to vital energy. We feel uplifted, engaged, we are able to focus and concentrate better. Our overall sense of wellbeing increases.

Energy Healing

Karolyne engages with your energy and energy patterns in the healing space a number of ways. These include:

  • Chakras

  • Etheric Body Energy Trace

  • Spirit Guidance

  • Energy Release

If you have any questions or would like to book a session, you can email Karolyne here or visit the contact page.