Healing for Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit

‘Then your light will break forth like the dawn, and your healing will quickly appear…’
Isaiah 58:8

Through God’s revelation and Holy Spirit power, Karolyne will work with you in one or more of the following ways towards furthering your healing and wellbeing journey…

Knowledge of Heart

God’s revelation shows Karolyne the origin of woundings, the place and impact of them in your life now, and the various patterns that are built up around emotional and physical wounds. In the same way, pathways of transformation are revealed to dissolve those patterns, to bring comfort and to provide healing to the affected areas.


Karolyne’s core training is in trauma counselling, and she has incorporated this integrative approach into the therapeutic process with individuals over many years.

Holy Spirit Healing

Hands on (or off) healing is provided by way of prayer, discernment of spirits, and by drawing on your faith and belief in the Holy Spirit’s power to bring about healing.