Inner Child Regression

Inner Child healing can have a profoundly powerful impact on your life. When old wounds are nurtured, released and healed, the depth of positive change in your overall wellbeing, relationships and life satisfaction can be remarkable. 

Inner Child Therapy

During the early years of our life we absorb from our environment, both consciously and unconsciously.  We develop many of our internal belief patterns based on the information and behaviour we observe in the world and from the people around us. These people might be our parents or other members of our family, our teachers, our neighbours, our friends and the people and ideas that we see in the media.

During these early years, our unconscious part of our mind, which creates our internal belief systems and programmes, doesn’t generally judge whether the incoming information is accurate or not. As a result, our experiences, whether good, bad or indifferent become a part of our belief or value system.

Sometimes these can be very simple everyday phrases that we don’t even think of as damaging. This can be as obvious as ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’. Both the core belief and the phrase of this statement are often deeply entrenched in unconscious limiting behaviours. Inner Child Therapy may be able to reframe this belief with a positive one, changing your relationship with money.

Sometimes the beliefs and patterns we inherit may be very serious. If our parents show us a lot of love at an early age, then it is easy for us to believe we are loveable and worthy of positive things. However, if we are not shown that love then we may grow up thinking a different truth about ourselves. Early comments and behaviours from people that send the message we are no good, stupid or are abusive, may hurt deeply at the time, but may be easily forgotten. What we know is that they may also lead to us actually believing that we are no good and stupid, and this may lead to unconscious unhealthy and sometimes dangerous life choices that adversely affect our wellbeing.

How Does Inner Child Therapy Work?

With many of these early beliefs and patterns it is possible in hypnosis to regress right back to the very first time our Inner Child developed this belief. Using our adult perspective we can reframe this belief, and then develop a new understanding and perspective about the circumstances of our childhood and replace the old belief with a new and empowering belief. We can start to remember that we are deeply loveable and create new positive belief patterns about ourselves at a deep unconscious level that will start to manifest in our everyday life. We also use the hypnotic trance state to integrate some special qualities that are inherent (but sometimes forgotten) within us, such as feelings of self-confidence, strength and self-acceptance amongst many others.

Inner Child therapy is a simple and safe process, which often results in powerful life changing transformations.

How Many Inner Child Therapy Sessions Do I Need?

Often one session of inner child therapy will produce a tangible shift for clients, however sometimes we may need more than one session. The number of sessions is assessed and agreed on an individual basis depending on the nature of the issue. Most people notice a huge change which is very noticeable in their lives after 2-3 inner child therapy sessions.

Inner Child Therapy is 2-3 hours per session and the exchange is £130 per session.

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Karolyne Quinn is a Psycho-Spiritual Healer, Regression Therapist & Trainer for Cara – Centre for Transformational Learning.