Introduction to 10-Week Programme


This is a special programme. It’s different to others you might have done or will do. Every aspect of this programme has been designed for the sole purpose of bringing you into greater relationship with your Divine Gift, so that your life reflects the fullness of your potential in that Truth.

What you thought you knew about your world, relationships, and destiny will change the moment you commit this project. But what you get out of it will depend entirely on you. Remain open to possibilities. Watch for doubt, inertia, and any kind of resistance – we’ll talk more about this as we go. You’ll benefit from keeping a journal and record of your experiences and processes. This will help to see where you’ve been and where you are now, as well as to consolidate the many ‘aha’ moments you will have. Wherever possible, share what you are learning with others. Your realisations will help them and will aid in the integration of new ways of being in your life. 

Thinking and Behaviours

Typically, coaches encourage life change by altering thoughts and behaviours that have kept us locked into patterns. When we adjust our behaviour our thoughts and beliefs can change, but this is often only temporary. We can unearth the subconscious programme that has been running since our childhood, and which impacts our beliefs, thoughts and habitual behaviours; and changing that programme will improve our inner thinking life, as well as encourage healthier actions.

Despite our thoughts and behaviours changing, we can still struggle to find meaning in our life.  We long for spiritual increase, connection, purpose and to be part of something greater than ourselves.

The natural world exists in harmony with itself, creating a flow in life. When we enter into relationship with the Divine Gift, we experience a state of Grace and blending of wills – divine and human – that when we surrender to it creates a flow of beingness.  

Our innate knowing is amplified. We encounter fewer or no external obstacles, finding our way in the world easily and effortlessly. We feel aligned and the fruits of our endeavours are far more successful and meaningful than in the past. We learn to seed positivity and joy in our present so that our future becomes exactly as we 


Some of the work we do together will be familiar; some will be new. Intellectually, you will grasp the information and process easily and before long, understanding will lead to inner revelation. Realisations, epiphanies and revelation are the keystones to spiritual increase. Spiritual increase is the touchstone of living a more fulfilled and meaningful life.

At times you come across information, exercises and knowledge that you find yourself saying ‘I KNOW THAT’ to… Knowing and doing are very different aspects of your being, and this changes as you do. How and what you think you know now will be entirely different to how and what you know as you continue in this programme – with an openness to experience.

Be mindful of pride. Be mindful of ‘KNOWING’ that cuts off and prevents your engagement. When you hear yourself say ‘I know that’ or ‘This isn’t new to me’ or words to this effect, remember what has been said here: When you engage with the Divine all knowing goes out the window. The only knowing that has any foundation in your changing and spiritually increased life is the result of the realisations, revelations and epiphanies that you have as a result of being in relationship with the Divine. That knowing is permanent, and it raises you up in eternal values, enabling you to be the very best version of yourself.


The Spiritual You™ 10-week programme offers you the opportunity to not only understand your thinking, change your behaviours and regulate your subtle energy body, but it introduces you to the guiding will at the depth of your being that is your spark of Divinity.

When you cultivate a relationship with that Divinity, you find that you meet a personable, benign and all loving Will that has a will specifically interested in you and your life trajectory.

This Will within wants nothing more than to show you an easier, more profound way of being that helps you identify your purpose and propels you forward in your destiny.

At the deepest part of you, in contact with this divinity, there is no need to adjust, alter of change.

This spiritual essence requires no modification or improvement…

… it is ALL Knowing

… it is ALL Powerful

… it is EVER Present

… it is the REAL You

With awareness, understanding and practice, you enter into life enhancing relationship with that essence. While IT doesn’t need to change, when you begin to relate to that divinity, to truly own it as yours, to have faith in it and to fully befriend it, your life changes. Your thoughts, behaviours, emotions and feelings, all begin to reflect that joyful and true union of wills.


Welcome to the programme! I am so excited to begin this work with you, and cannot wait to see what the Divine within has in store for our time together. One thing is for certain – you will not be the same person who began, and you will know yourself much better, and you will notice how much richer your life is, how true it is, and how far greater the flow is once you align yourself with that Divine inner will.

With every Blessing for your 10-week adventure,


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