Image may contain: Karolyne Quinn, smiling, glasses, close-up and outdoorKarolyne speaks into the stages of growth that you have taken in coming to God or upon your spiritual journey. She ministers to the psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual healing properties that you have experienced from the early stages of your spiritual discernment to your maturation in living your spiritual being. 

Karolyne has encountered diverse understandings of spirituality and adopts an inclusive approach to spiritual practice and unfoldment, seeing clients of Christian faith, other faiths and none.

With a background in psychology studies, counselling and childhood trauma research, Karolyne combines her professional experience with Holy Spirit Giftings to attend to your spiritual and healing needs.*

Karolyne’s life is a testament to the healing power of Christ, and how faith in God’s plan for us can lead us out of darkness and into a Light that lets us know we are utterly loved and loveable, and perfectly placed to live our destiny.

If you are ready ‘to be strong and take heart’, let Karolyne help you to hear what God is trying to say to you, by partaking of powerful healing and spiritual unfoldment. 

To enquire about Karolyne’s Spiritual You personalised mentorship programme, email today.
*See here for qualifications