Meditation helps to increase peace, emotional and physical comfort, overall harmony and wellbeing. There are various forms of meditation and Karolyne offers guided meditation for spiritual development, connecting with your higher self or inner wisdom, journeying on the inner planes for guidance and healing. Mindfulness meditation, which increases self-awareness, helps to promote inner balance and a more harmonious life, is also available.


Karolyne has been meditating for over twenty years when her journey with Buddhism began on Christmas Island, where she lived and worked for four years. There, her Qigong Master, the late Andrew Tem Foo Lim, instructed her in the art of qigong and meditation, which she continued under the tutelage of Margaret Yu for 8 years in Australia and then in private practice. Karolyne began teaching mindfulness meditation with counselling clients and groups in 2005 and began a more esoteric practice of inner journeying and guided meditation in 2007 within the framework of the Western Mysteries. She began teaching this approach in 2011.  Karolyne continues to have a daily meditation practice.   

Karolyne teaches groups and individual sessions, with online classes and courses soon to be available.

Private meditation classes

For individuals and up to 3 people

Meditation session tailored to your needs: spiritual development, inner-plane journeying, meeting higher self or spirit guides, or mindfulness and self-awareness raising.

£40 an hour  – £40 total, whether 1 person, 2 or 3. 

Email to book or call 07407382722 .

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Spiritual Meditation Groups

What is it?

Spiritual meditation is part relaxation, healing and spiritual development. A small group of people come together each week for an hour’s guided meditation – the facilitator vocally leads you in the meditation.

What to expect?

The meditation begins with mindfulness practice – breathing, feeling, thinking awareness.  This allows you to arrive, begin to relax, with your system slowing down. These techniques aid in self-awareness and the ability to be present, noticing how thoughts take you away into past, future, feeling states. Practicing this presence alone greatly benefits your wellbeing, easing your nervous system and giving you tools to use in your everyday.

From here, we move into energy work and visualisation, which is also feeling and sensory based. This takes you from a Beta brain wave of every day activity into a light meditative consciousness of the Alpha brain wave, slowing you down. It is at this point that we work with the each of the chakras – the seven energy centres of life force everyone has – getting to know them and the sensations they produce for you, while revitalising and nourishing these centres. You can read more information here [coming soon] about the chakras and the importance of these energy centres to our wellbeing.

We also incorporate the Fountain of Light meditation, which builds, blends and nurtures the etheric field. This gives instant energy and peace, and over time helps to bring inner, and outer balance.

This first part of the meditation is about creating the energetic vibration and state that settles us, expands our energy, harmonises the group and prepares us to journey into the inner planes.

After the energy component of the meditation we move onto the inner or astral ‘platform’, where the Alpha brain wave meets the Theta brain wave – a deeper level of intuitive, spiritual and creative vibrational and inner sensory experience. You are guided into a common ‘space’ where each has their own inner experience of relaxation, healing, guidance or journey.

This 15-20 minutes is your ‘free-time’ where you are unguided in your inner-scape experience.

There is 15 minutes left for discussion at the end.

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What is it like being in a group?

Meditating as a group can be very powerful. The energy in the room and between people is influenced by each meditator. As the group becomes more cohesive and the egregore (group mind) builds and settles, other platforms of vibration are created, with higher frequencies and a deepening of experience.

What are the benefits?

Participants report various wellbeing experiences ranging from relaxation, healing, positive changes in their material lives, a sense of peace, relaxation, sleeping better, enhanced connection with their spiritual pursuits, passed loved ones, psychical development and inner guides.

Where are the groups?

One group is currently held in Morningside on Friday at 10am. Places are limited. They fill quickly and booking is essential. Please email or phone to enquire.

What is the cost?

Each meditation session is 1 hour.

  • £10 per meditation class

Email book or call 07407382722 .