Meeting the Beloved


2 x 1-Day Workshops

Non-residential – Dunfermline

Saturday and Sunday July 20th & 21st 2019


Within reach there is a divinity that knows and guides each of us, upholding and supporting us. This divinity wants us to be in conscious relationship with It. We call this God or the Beloved. You may call It something else…

This full day workshop is an experiential, interactive day of meeting the Beloved, getting to discern and feel Its resonance, to listen to the guiding voice, and begin to understand how God acts through us in the world. 

We make contact with a deep inner presence, and our life changes for this meeting and sustained relationship. We find our old wounds understood and healed, blockages and unhealthy patterns dissolve, our faith and trust is enhanced; we begin to live purposefully and to experience meaning through this connection. 

Poetry, Music, Meditation, Contemplation, Reflection, Soaking and Centring Prayer, Exercises to enhance your relationship with the Beloved and God’s guiding voice, Silence and group sharing…

A day of deep self-love, unconditional acceptance and communion and communication with self and the Divine. 

£120 (£30 non-refundable deposit)

Message or text 07407382722

What people say about ‘Meeting the Beloved’ workshop…

Thank you for such an inspiring weekend…it was a reaffirming and deeply profound experience
“I am very grateful for is the deeper insight into my faith and the renewed energy to practise. I felt spiritually renewed and that is such a great gift to have been given. I am filled with gratitude…”
Powerful, thought-provoking and energising
A wonderful space to explore the relationship you have with yourself and the Creator
“Thank you for such a lovely day… It felt like coming home!  I  feel so privileged to be a part of such a  lovely group. It is like a cocoon of warmth and safety. I arrived having been frazzled recently  and left feeling tranquil and that has stayed with me. I worshipped traditionally at church yesterday which i like. In the evening I prayer walked. Thanks to you for leading us with such grace and spirit. It just flows from you…”