Past-Life Regression

Past Life Regression

You meet someone for the first time and feel as if you know them already. You are in a town that you’ve never been to before yet you recognize streets and buildings. You start a new activity and amaze yourself at how natural it feels. We often explain away these experiences as déjà vu, but the possibility exists that we have actually lived them in the past or rather, in another lifetime.

Many spiritual practices believe that reincarnation is real, that our souls return to this earth over a series of lifetimes to evolve, learn, grow and transform. And when we reincarnate, we tend to travel through different lives with many of the same people. Often these traveling companions are the ones we enter into relationships with to work through unresolved issues.

When you struggle or keep finding blocks that keep you from reaching your goals, there may be specific lessons that you are meant to learn in this lifetime. Being naturally blessed with a musical talent or another gift can be a special ability that you worked hard to develop in a past life. You may even have lived before as another gender or as part of a different social or economic class. Each lifetime brings with it specific learnings that are necessary for our spiritual evolution.


There are various theories for past lives. You may choose to believe that the mind creates a dissociative experience where it’s safer to deal with and gain insight into an issue. Or perhaps that part of the mind accesses Carl Gustav Jung’s collective unconscious.  Others suggest that past lives are simply genetic memory or encoded in our DNA. And of course you may genuinely believe in reincarnation and that we have all lived many times before. All of these beliefs are valid and which one is true is to some degree irrelevant.

The fact is that past life regression therapy can be a very transformational and empowering process for anyone. When you allow the mind to follow its own path, the majority of people who experience past life regression therapy find resolution, healing and insight in ways that they simply had not expected and had certainly not experienced before, and their lives change in extremely positive ways.

Why Past Life Regression?

Past life regression offers us valuable insights into our past, present, and future lives or it can be for those who are simply curious. The knowledge of how we lived before can help us overcome present obstacles, understand and overcome phobias, fear and habits, and resolve relationship issues.

When you look back at your past lives it is exciting and enlightening. However, it is important to remember that the answers you are seeking to this life can only truly be found by living this one. An important part of past life regression is to see how the journey parallels into this current life. Then you can discover how to find and apply wisdom and insight into this life in a beneficial manner.

The only true validation of past lives is one’s own personal experience. If these few paragraphs arouse your curiosity and you have any questions or interest to experience a past life journey then contact me to discuss this further.


One-off past life regression sessions for curiosity or to look at specific lives last approximately 2 hours. If you are considering regression to resolve a particular issue, ailment or behavioural pattern, then you should consider regression therapy. It is a similar process where we go to the source of your issue. Plus you are likely to need to have a series of sessions.

All sessions are recorded and an mp3 recording of the past life regression sessions are supplied afterwards.

Each session is £130 for 2-3 hours.