Thank you for entering into the spiritual leading of the indwelling Spirit.
We come into the world called to divine union, and God, your God – whatever that is for you – actively works toward that finality. Understanding this, we perceive our life as purposeful, with meaning and direction. We experience suffering and joy in a reality that is God-given and we come to dwell in the Peace of Jesus that is the assurance of doing God’s will – a peace that begets revelation and blessing, and a deep knowing that all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.

The Spirit of God

Within each person dwells the Spirit of God. That Spirit is ever calling us to itself, seeking for us to enter into communion with it. Rather than looking for God ‘out there’, we are invited to be lifted up into a divine embrace with God within us that has us living our highest consciousness through wisdom, worship, faith and love. When we actively enter into this relationship our life is sublimely transformed.

Enter a New World

When we seek God and we find the stirrings of the Spirit within, we enter a new world of God’s making: a world beyond the regular world. In this world we discern God through spiritualised mind, and we live by faith, not by sight. We come to trust that the indwelling Spirit of God has a plan for us – has known us before ever we were born. We have faith-trust in the goodness of God, and the efforts made on our behalf to lift us up in our spiritual perfection.

Martina’s Story
Martina was an excellent medical doctor, a married mum, but she felt something was missing in her life. She’d felt lonely and spiritually isolated. Once she began working with the indwelling Spirit of God this was transformed. Martina now feels connected, has a regular spiritual practice, changed careers and is a successful published author and life coach.

In this new world, we learn to stand on God’s promises to deliver sustaining power that withstands all the stresses and strains of material life. This power unerringly transforms all that would come against us. We see this faith-trust perfectly exampled in Jesus Christ’s life. This power gathers us up and delivers us into the resurrection life lived now, complete with personal provision, equipping us to be and to reflect wisdom, truth, beauty and goodness in the world.

Martha’s Story
Martha was raised in the Salvation Army church but left the church to fit in with her peers. It was only after her wife died that Martha, then in her late-fifties, returned to her spiritual life. She sought spiritual mentoring and through this learnt to engage with God’s leadings. She began a trust-faith relationship with the Spirit within. Not knowing where that would lead, Martha simply committed to saying ‘yes’ to inner promptings of the Spirit and outer opportunities. This partnership changed her life. Two years later, Martha is training in Interfaith Ministry. She is part of the ministry team at her local church, and she regularly runs grief-support groups. Her life was transformed by her willingness to partner with the Spirit of God within her. She has new joy, increased confidence, and by just being herself with God, offers much needed service to many.

If we want personal change and spiritual increase in our life, and we tend towards adaptation and progress, then we are ripe for partnering with God this way. And in this relationship, as we simply be ourself, we find that who we are becomes increasingly more divinely influenced. This loving reveal of human-divine partnership is profoundly unique for the individual yet shared with so many believers living a life in Christ for whom God’s world is naturally home.

John’s Story
John was newly separated and reflecting on his contribution to his marriage failure. He worked through his grief of leaving his four children and honestly wanted to change work attitudes that he identified as contributing to the breakdown of his relationship. Very quickly, John’s spirituality became his focus. Through mentoring, he found faith, took up his childhood Catholicism, entered into church and community service and elevated his career. He found solace in understanding repetitive patterns that helped him repair his perspective on relationships, and is a much happier person.

The greatest invitation of your mortal life awaits you. Think how stunningly different your life could be if you elect to enter this new world – a world you are being called to every day – a world where all you have to do is say ‘yes’, yes, I want to experience fusion with the Spirit of God, and live a life in the Grace of that blessing.

Enter by the door…

St Paul’s Church in St Anthony’s Monastery Red Sea, Egypt

Sister Irini lives in and ministers from St Enoch and St Elijah Monastery (SEASEM), in Northland New Zealand. When not in Divine Liturgy, praying, reading or writing, or in the fields, planting seeds, cutting flowers, feeding chickens and ducks, collecting eggs, cooking, cleaning, planting crops, pouring honey, making wooden doves and crosses or walking the forests – just being herself in God – Irini loves to meet and support folk through the natural giftings God has given her to help you live the provision God has for you when you enter the world of human-divine union.

Spiritual Mentoring

For anyone wanting to experience the transforming power of the indwelling Spirit of God.

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